Many thanks to our sponsors and all who participated in the Climate Care Awareness events to learn about the change in our climate and what we can do! Events were in conjunction with the worldwide events related to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change with governmental officials from countries around the world meeting in Paris.


15 Days to Climate Awareness: A Call to Action

The Road Through Paris by way of Northern Arizona!!!

November 28th - December 12th, 2015


For the first time in 21 years of these conference meetings, a binding agreement to address climate change was reached!

Thank you for helping set the agenda for ambition. Lets continue! What do you need to stay engaged? What skills and gifts to you have to offer?

If you want to get involved locally to address climate change, which is the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced, please connect with the Inspiration of Sedona, via Facebook, or email. Or see Acknowledgements for other local connections.